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At the heart of every private club's operation is the food and beverage department, which is central to the success of all elements of club operations. The ability to successfully "bring the membership to the table" -- and to keep them there -- is the direct result of an efficient, highly motivated, well-trained staff devoted to serving quality food and beverages and, just as importantly, to guaranteeing a memorable experience for every guest.


RCS provides industry-leading services for clubs seeking to up their food and beverage game. It begins with our signature Food and Beverage Audit and continues with our internationally respected staff training.


Investigate the options below and get in touch with us to begin the process of making your club a food and beverage winner.

The Signature RCS Food & Beverage Audit

The RCS Hospitality Group is known throughout the industry for its comprehensive food and beverage audit, providing a 360˚ operational map of your operation and your team. The audit begins with an analysis of your operation from a bottom-line perspective. Before ever arriving at your club, our experts have already analyzed statistical and financial data and have developed an understanding of your budget and multi-year trends.


Once the on-site portion of the process begins we interview key staff members, observe service and kitchen functions in action, and attend meetings and other interactions between managers and staff.


We evaluate:


Service quality and techniques

Staff and management competency

Training Opportunities

Brand integrity and communications

Event schedules, quality, and management

Point-of-sale use and accuracy

Menus, profitability, item placement, and pricing

Hours of operation

The quality of the member experience

Transactional and behavioral trends among staff

Marketing materials for accuracy and brand reinforcement

Selling techniques

Operational procedures, such as ordering, inventory, and accounting


At the end of the process you will know where your club is today, how it got there, where it needs to be, how it can get there, and what tools, resources, and procedures it must implement to achieve profit, pride,
and member satisfaction.


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Food & Beverage Boot CampTM

The celebrated
RCS Food and Beverage Boot CampTM Staff Service Training
program is so special it has its own page. 
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RCS Boot Camp

Additional  Food & Beverage Training Programs


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No two facilities are the same and every club has its own needs, traditions, and array of services it offers its members. But no matter how elaborate your food and beverage service is, the "meat" of a successful operation is the same: managing the revenue to cost relationship for maximum bottom-line returns.


Costs are often misused and misunderstood in the hospitality industry. This program for managers helps identify how to maximize the quality of the member experience while managing costs, driving revenue through menu management, and adopting effective accounting practices.


This training session helps you learn key ways to remain true to your brand and maintain priceless traditions, while recruiting and retaining an evolving audience of members and customers.


Participants will:

  • Learn learn how to understand the relationship between the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for food and beverage including revenue, cost of sales, gross profit, and labor costs

  • Understand key tenets of menu engineering to maximizes revenue

  • Understand the eight most common mistakes in food and beverage operations

  • Gain insight into today's new generation of club member and how to create exciting programming to engage changing demographic groups