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"We believe that training is not something you 'did' but something you 'do' and we are passionate about the

 investment you make in your human capital."


Club-Specific Programs

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RCS have custom club specific programs to help you year-round not just for a 1 - 4 days.


We offer onsite, online/virtual training, monthly webinars and weekly blogs all designed to develop people and grow the industry.

Club Expert or Hotel Trainer?

Who better to trust your training for members, residents, and families than club experts who get 'it', instead of generic hospitality trainers who understand hotel guests?

RCS is the creator of Member Service 101, Private Club 101, ENCHANTED Service, GRACIOUS Service, Food and Beverage Boot Camp series, RCSU virtual training and so much more!

We are constantly developing relevant training and methods for today's members, customers and employees - preparing you for the next generation, whatever that may be.

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Staff Training Company of the Year, 2017 and 2018

Club Service Firm of the Year, 2018

Club Consulting Company of the Year 2017, 2018

Management and staff training is an essential investment in a club's future. Our nationally renowned innovative approach to training and skill development makes sure that every employee, no matter how senior or junior, is in the best possible position to contribute to organizational success.


Our training programs are highly regarded not just because they employ our signature innovative techniques, but also because they include accountability and performance measures that ensure you get maximum return on your investment. Our relationship with our club clients is always based on trust, honesty, and performance. That's why clubs around the world come back to us repeatedly for the best training in the industry.

“We are very pleased with the two days that RCS spent training our team. We really did get a much-needed lift from your visit. I have had many comments about how you kept us engaged, let us break when we weren’t attentive, and really made everyone feel important. More specifically, you trained us with a vast knowledge of Clubs, not just jargon, and the specific examples are what stick in people’s minds. I could probably go on and on, but I should just simply say, THANK YOU!”

The Gallery Golf Club, Tucson, AZ

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage

From our wildly popular Food & Beverage Boot CampTM series to our on the floor and group training, your staff will be prepared to serve in a professional, positive, and polished way.

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Club Specific
Club Specific

RCS is rooted in luxury service and private club management. Because of this, our training is centered on hospitality and nothing matters more in a private club environment. We get private club members - their expectations, their behavior, and how to provide exemplary service. Try our signature service program Member Service 101 to get started.

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Kitchen Training
Kitchen Training

There is a shortage of good kitchen staff in our industry - let us help! From recruiting to training, we have the contacts, network and know how to bring improved skills to your kitchen.

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Customer Service
Customer Service

We are service fanatics, and we know how to take your strategy and implement it into operations. We are also culture change experts - let us show you how.

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Board Workshops
Board Workshops

From personality discovery programs, to board governance to industry trends - we've got you covered. Let us show you what we can do!

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Do you have a great cultural fit and would like to quickly make them a manager? Have a young manager would could use some one on one mentoring to reach the next level? Let us be the extra set of experienced management hands you need to get this done!

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High performing teams create motivated work environments with stellar productivity and employee retention rates. From breaking down silos, to managing change, to new club or seasonal openings - we've got you covered!

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Managers are the key to unlocking your potential and times are ever changing. Let us help you with a needs analysis and custom training program for your manager(s). We'll raise the bar with you!

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Virtual Training
Virtual Training

Training is not something you DID - it's something you DO. Our virtual training provides solutions for busy managers to train high-turnover positions and also build their own skills in a comfortable, convenient way. Comprehensive service programs, club specific, leadership and food and beverage topics are all offered to keep your team developing and evolving with you. Customize it for your use. Sign up for a 7- day trial or virtual tour today to learn more.

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Special RCS Package Offer:

Two-Day Orientation for Managers and Staff

We have packaged several of our most popular training programs into a comprehensive two-day program to help clubs get ready for peak season. We focus on managers for one day and staff for the other. Training concentrates on enhancing and maintaining a strong service culture through motivation, communication, problem solving, service recovery, teamwork, and the development of skills necessary to provide members and guests with the best possible experience. We can also customize your package with additional on-the-floor training and virtual training to keep your training message consistent year round.

The program can be custom-built to meet your club's specific needs, but a typical package includes:



The Perfect Fit: Training the Trainer (3 hours)

The Coach Approach: Coaching for Success (3 hours)





Member Service 101 - or - GRACIOUS Service (3 hours)

ON-STAGE with food and beverage (3 hours)

Explore a few popular options below, or contact us to begin planning the customized combination of sessions and services that's right for you. 
If virtual training is a better fit for your needs, visit our virtual training portal RCSU or contact us to take a virtual tour or set up your
complimentary 7-day trial.

   Management Leadership Training 


Below are some of RCS's most popular leadership training programs for managers at all levels.
Click on the factsheet icons to download program summaries.

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For the Leadership Team



Today's golf and country club members have higher expectations and different needs from their counterparts from the past. Demographic and lifestyle changes, along with increased competition for recreation and leisure dollars has changed the world of private clubs forever. 


Long-term viability demands that clubs look deeper into the relationship they have with the new generation of members and to make sure that their management practices are up to the challenge. 


This training session helps you learn key ways to remain true to your brand and maintain priceless traditions, while still recruiting and retaining an evolving audience of members and customers.


Participants will:

  • Learn the top four challenges in the industry

  • Gain a greater understanding of demographic needs

  • Explore the top three mistakes clubs make in member retention and referrals

  • Learn how to calculate membership lifetime value

  • Learn how to create member demand both for retention and new memberships

Get .pdf factsheet

Get .pdf factsheet

Get .pdf factsheet



Successful sports teams have common ingredients: teamwork, good communication, well-developed playbooks, productive practices, solid game days ... and great coaches. 


Having a well-oiled team at your club is an absolute necessity to maintain a competitive edge. This training program teaches your managers how to become "coaches" for your employees -- and how to build a winning team that achieves
bottom-line goals.


Stories of successful sports teams are discussed, focusing on lessons learned, how to visualize success, how to implement proven leadership techniques, and ways to avoid common mistakes. 


Participants will learn:

  • Key principles of a sports team: Setting goals, Preparation, Organization, Respect, Trust in teammates, and Success

  • Four ways in which coaching can be used in the workplace

  • Three ways to identify a coach-manager

  • Six ways to use successful mental imagery

  • The six steps of coaching and counseling

  • Ten ways to foster a motivating work environment



Among our most popular training programs, this teambuilding exercise provides valuable insights into each participant's personality traits and their values and virtues ... as well as those of their team. 


This engaging program helps managers learn how people think and feel, work and play, communicate, teach, and learn. Based on principles developed by the Insight Learning Foundation and author Nathan Bryce, participants' personality "spectrum of colors" is revealed by answering just 10 questions. 


This highly regarded program is valuable for any type of club and can also be effectively used with middle managers and supervisors. 


Participants will:

  • Identify their primary and secondary color attributes, values, and virtues.

  • Recognize personality differences inherent in each "color spectrum"

  • Gain invaluable motivation, communication, teaching, and learning skills that work best with each "color"

  • How to use the color spectrum personality concept to improve both personal and professional relationships



Discover how your club's service culture can help you retain members, improve employee morale, and improve service. With the natural, constant turnover of staff and managers, maintaining a consistently excellent service orientation can be a major challenge. It takes constant attention to hiring the right people, training them well, a commitment to daily coaching, and soliciting--and learning from--constant member feedback.


Cultural identifiers are all around and can be seen in operational aspects as diverse as signage, employee behavior, the way service people speak with members and visitors, and the physical condition of facilities. This training helps you assess the plusses and minuses of your current culture, determine the appropriate culture for your club, and then move all elements of your operation in a direction that meets strategic goals.


Participants will:

  • Understand the effects of the delicate balance between human psychology and people's actions on your club culture

  • Learn the single best way to identify your club's culture

  • Receive three training tips for employee orientation

  • Learn the seven principles of club culture that must be embedded in your team 

  • Understand the importance of critical service standards

  • Learn the importance of membership feedback and intra-departmental teamwork

For Mid-Level Managers & Supervisors



It's not enough to hire for skills and experience in an industry that depends on maintaining a strong service culture. Finding high-performance employees requires an understanding of high-performance hiring practices.


This training takes supervisory staff through a step-by-step approach to hiring well, which includes:

  • Needs identification

  • Advertising the position

  • Reviewing and sorting through resumes and applications

  • Preparing for the interview, including legalities every manager should know

  • Conducting interviews

  • Candidate evaluation

  • Checking references

  • Extending offers

  • Keys for new employee orientation


Participants will learn:

  • How to determine their needs for a position

  • How to ensure the job description and posting are accurate

  • Acceptable and unacceptable interview questions

  • How to create behavioral-style interview questions to draw out important characteristics

  • How to conduct effective interviews

  • Four body language tips for "reading between the lines"

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Training in private clubs is one of the most difficult aspects of management, and is often done without adequate resources. Yet, without doubt, it is one of the most important investments any club can make in its future. In today's competitive environment, every employee must be a top producer and solid performer. A successful club culture requires a successful training culture.


This training helps supervisory staff learn how to conduct its own training regimen that:

  • Ensures long-term professional growth and development

  • Upgrades or improves standards

  • Corrects poor performance

  • Orients new employees

  • Ensures high returns on employee operations


Participants will learn:

  • The four benefits of training

  • The seven qualities of a good trainer

  • How to create a training task list

  • An effective four-step training process

  • Four common communication and behavioral styles and how to use them to your advantage

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Joyce conducted the Train the Trainer managers' training session for us and I thought the training was excellent.  It made us look at the way we were doing things at the club and we came away from the session with some fresh ideas to make the operation better going forward.
Gordon Digby, COO/GM, Las Vegas Country Club

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Creating and maintaining a motivated work environment is not always easy. Motivation lags for many reasons: organizational fear or intimidation, bureaucracy or red tape, deadline pressure or anxiety, conflicting goals or messages, lack of training, conflicts between short- and long-term goals, lack of direction, unclear objectives, lack of time or resources, and/or not feeling valued.


This critically important training program helps managers at all levels create and foster a motivated work environment. Discussion includes Maslow's Theory on Motivation, differing management styles, management behaviors or organizational conditions that reduce motivation, and the use of praise and constructive feedback.


Stories of successful sports teams are discussed, focusing on lessons learned, how to visualize success, proven leadership techniques, and ways to avoid common mistakes. 


Participants will:

  • Understand the connection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

  • Understand the seven steps to motivational success

  • Be able to list five steps for coping with change

  • Be able to identify barriers to motivation and how to get back on track

  • Be able to create an environment in which employees know what's expected and feel passionate about doing their jobs.

“Our entire team at Carolina Country Club feel the programs of Train the Trainer, Creating a Strong Service Culture and Food and Beverage Boot Camp was a terrific opportunity for our staff to be exposed to your training; your positivity, enthusiasm and real world experience made it easy to connect with you and stay engaged for the entire session.”

Gustavo Muzzolon, Assistant General Manager, Carolina Country Club

Staff Training Programs

[For RCS's nationally renowned Food and Beverage Bootcamp staff training click here.]



The differences between hotels, resorts, restaurants, and member clubs are many and varied. This program helps managers and employees understand the importance of member relations and communication, the particular expectations of members who pay dues, the need for consistency of service, and how to manage member feedback. 

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This fun and interactive training program helps employees and associates better understand the importance of customer service and how to employ problem-solving techniques to ensure members and guests remain happy and loyal customers.


E.N.C.H.A.N.T.E.D service means:

Emphasize Teamwork

Name Recognition

Communication is Key

Have Fun


No is NOT the Answer

Total Team Effort



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ON-STAGE (F & B focus)


Drawing on the parallels between a live show and food and beverage service, ON-STAGE shows employees and managers how to maintain the sequence of service that consistently displays showmanship and salesmanship. Participants learn proper service techniques, standards of service, and suggestive selling techniques.

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To download a full description of online training programs, including costs, click here.